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Orlando’s Recipes

Enjoy every day of savory and healthy recipes. And how else could you feel better than delighting every moment with Orlando’s delights.

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Orlando’s awaits you with delicious, savory recipes to help you adopt a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle!

Orlando’s condiments for a delicious pizza

Orlando’s coconut makes great ice cream

Salad with Broccoli and Pine Seeds from Orlando’s

Salad with Pine and Pumpkin Seeds from Orlando’s

Mediterranean pate with delights at Orlando’s

Orlando’s spicy

Peas soup with Orlando’s Black Pepper

Salad with Orlando’s Pumpkin Seed

Home made pasta with Orlando’s thyme

Pumpkin Soup with Orlando’s Pumpkin Seed

Vegetable rice with Orlando’s red pepper and sunflower seeds

Fish paste with Orlando’s black pepper and pumpkin seed

Fish salad with Orlando’s black pepper and pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Soup with Orlando’s pumpkin seeds

Cheesecake with vanilla essence from Orlando’s

Bruschette and humus using Orlando’s Cumin Seeds

Chocolate mousse with sugar from Orlando’s

Vegetable pickles with black pepper from Orlando’s

Spinach with seed and black pepper from Orlando’s

Pancakes with cashew nuts from Orlando’s

Frying vegetables with pepper and thyme from Orlando’s

Peanut butter with peanuts from Orlando’s

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