Unbaked cheesecake with pistachios and dates

The cheesecake with pistachios and dates is a perfect dessert for hot summer days because it is cool, does not require baking and is made extremely quickly. The taste? Surprisingly delicious, but we leave it to you to discover it.

Usually the tops of cheesecake recipes are made from digestive biscuits and melted butter. We adapted the recipe a bit according to our preferences and instead of butter we used Orlando’s dates which we turned into a paste. In addition, I also used walnut kernels. Date pasta has successfully replaced butter, which has the role of gluing the ingredients, so use dates with confidence when you want to make such a dessert. In addition, dates sweeten the countertop and you won’t need any extra sweetener.

The fine cream was the classic one made of cream cheese and liquid cream, and on top we decorated everything with Orlando’s salted pistachio, which we soaked a little in honey to sweeten it. The crispy pistachio made a good team with the fine cream of the cheesecake.
A dessert like this cheesecake without baking with pistachios and dates can be prepared whenever there is a craving for something sweet or on special occasions: birthdays, holidays or when you are invited to dinner.

We hope you like the recipe and prepare it soon!


For the cake
200 gr. Orlando’s walnut kernel
180 gr. digestive crackers
200 gr. Orlando’s dates
For cream
400 gr. cheese cream
300 gr. liquid cream
2 tablespoons Orlando’s powdered sugar
1 tablespoon Orlando’s vanilla essence
20 gr. gelatine
100 ml. milk
100 ml. the water
50 gr. Orlando’s pistachio< / a>
2 tablespoons honey

How do we make the cake?
To start, put the dates in a bowl and pour hot water over them to cover them. Let them hydrate for 30 minutes, then squeeze the water out of the bowl.
Put the dates in a food processor and mix them until they become like a paste. Put the date paste separately in a bowl.
In the same food processor add the walnut kernels and digestive biscuits. Mix 3-4 times until crushed and take the form of a fine sand.

Add in a large bowl the chopped walnuts and biscuits, the date paste and mix everything by hand until a sticky and homogeneous composition results. Add this composition to a round cake pan with removable walls (diameter 26 cm.), Then flatten the composition with the palm, spoon or bottom of a glass. Level everything beautifully. Put the tray in the fridge until you are done with the cream.

How do we make cream?
Put in a bowl the cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla essence and mix them with the mixer, at medium speed, for a minute. Add the liquid cream one at a time and mix again for 3 minutes.

Hydrates the 20 gr. gelatin in a 100 ml bowl. water for 10 minutes, then add 100 ml of gelatin. lukewarm milk and stir. CAREFUL! The milk should be slightly warm enough to dissolve the gelatin. Do not boil milk! Put the gelatin in the bowl over the cream and mix again for 30 seconds.

Pour the composition over the counter in the tray and level the cream on top with a spatula. Put the cheesecake in the fridge for 6-8 hours or preferably overnight to harden the cream. After the cream has hardened, decorate the cheesecake with the pistachio peeled and soaked in honey.

Cut the cheesecake with pistachios and dates into suitable slices and enjoy a delicious dessert! Don’t forget to share with those close to you! Good appetite!

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