Farfalle with walnuts and raisins Orlando’s BIO

The taste of childhood made us remember again a simple but very tasty recipe, which our grandmothers used to make us quite often. Walnut kernels, do you remember them?

Because we wanted to adapt today’s recipe, we used a different type of pasta than we used to eat then, ie farfalle (it looks like some bows), and the Orlando’s raisins from the Bio range are an extra taste that I really wanted let’s add it to the recipe. I didn’t have any nuts already ground, so I crushed Orlando’s walnut kernels, also from the Bio range, in a blender. See? I told you that I modernized the recipe to my liking. We promise you that the taste is the same as before.

They are extremely easy to prepare and you do not need a long list of ingredients. The best part is that you can eat them either as a dessert or as a main meal. Yes, it can be dessert as we add sugar and raisins, which are sweet anyway. With such a dish you can enjoy the whole family, including the little ones, who will be surprised how you can turn a portion of pasta into a dessert.

I hope I reminded you of your childhood and that you will do it soon!


100 gr. Orlando’s BIO walnut kernel
50 gr. Orlando’s BIO raisins
200 gr. farfalle (any favorite type of pasta can be used)
50 gr. sugar
25 gr. biscuit
25 ml. sunflower oil
1 tablespoon Orlando’s rum essence
grated peel of a lemon (can be replaced with orange)


Put boiling water in a pot and boil the pasta chosen according to the instructions on the package. The cooking time differs from one type of pasta to another, so check this detail on the package.

While the pasta is boiling, put the walnut kernels in a food processor and grind it a little. If you don’t have a food processor, you can cut the walnut kernel into small pieces with a knife or you can use a grinder.

In a pan put the chopped walnuts, sugar, breadcrumbs, rum essence, grated peel of a lemon and oil, then simmer for 2 minutes to brown all the ingredients, stirring constantly so as not to stick to the pan. After a few seconds you will notice that the sugar will melt and the ingredients will start to gather, like in a crumble. Continue to stir constantly so as not to burn the ingredients. Set the pan aside after two minutes.

After the pasta is cooked, strain it, then add it to the pan over the crumble of ingredients and mix well. Finally add the raisins and mix again.

Put farfalelle with walnuts and raisins in a plate or bowl and serve with great appetite!

They can be eaten hot or cold, so you won’t need to heat them up later. Enjoy your meal!

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