Crackers with peeled chopped pistachio and basil

Crackers with peeled chopped pistachio and basil is ideal for those times when you want to snack or have guests at the table and want to serve them with some snacks.

We have to admit that we have them on the table for almost any occasion. We like it so much that we decided to make our own recipe and we also had the perfect ingredient for it. I used the minced pistachio from the new Orlando’s Maestro product range.

The chopped pistachio made a good team along with the chopped basil and olive oil. With these ingredients, I made a fragrant and crunchy mixture that I spread on the foliage. I cut the strip into strips and made small spirals from each strip, which I put in the oven. They grew and browned beautifully on top and resulted in some crunchy and delicious pies.


5 tablespoons Orlando’s Maestro peeled chopped pistachio
5 tablespoons olive oil
a handful of fresh basil
800 gr. foil dough (2 countertops 400 gr. each)
1 or
½ teaspoon of salt


We got over 20 crackers and shared them with our loved ones. They are over quickly, and we are glad that this means that we have conquered them with this recipe, as with all that we have prepared so far using products from Orlando’s range.

We have found the perfect recipe for the most delicious crackers, so we want to share it with you.

Here’s how it’s done!

I used frozen dough, so the first step was to let it defrost to work with it. During this time I added in a small bowl the olive oil, the finely chopped basil, 3 tablespoons grated Orlando’s Maestro pistachio, ½ teaspoon salt, then mixed well.

After the leaf dough was thawed, I took a counter between the two and put it on the work table. I added on the surface of the counter the mixture of olive oil, basil and pistachio. Over this I carefully placed the second counter and flattened it slightly with my hand, gluing their edges

The next step was to cut the length of the strip approximately 1 – 1.5 cm, then each strip in half. Each strip was twisted like a spiral (I rotated 3 times), then placed on a tray covered with baking sheet. I beat an egg, then I coiled the spirals with the beaten egg with a brush. In the end I added the shredded pistachio extra.

I put the tray in the preheated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes, until I saw that they were nicely browned above the salt pans. Allow to cool completely, then serve with pleasure.

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