Cheese platter, dehydrated apricots and BIO almonds

What could be more pleasing to the eye at the festive table than a plate full of cheese? We assure you that you will conquer any guest, from the youngest to the oldest.

The cheese platter has no written rule. You just have to choose 4-5 types of cheese, with hard and soft texture, some sausages, something sweet (eg: jam, dried fruit, fresh fruit), something crunchy (crackers, grisine), nuts and dried fruit.

For this dish we chose to use dried apricots from the Dessert range, which matched the more astringent cheeses and also for the crunchy part, which I told you about above, we chose raw almonds from the Natural range.

This kind of cheese platter can be the beginning of a successful evening, and to make the evening even more pleasant, we give you a tip: white wine goes best with cheeses. You will amaze those invited with your skill and choice of wine.

In the list of ingredients below we have put some types of cheese, but they can change depending on your preferences, and the weights can be higher or lower, depending on how many guests you have at the table. As I mentioned, it doesn’t have a written rule, it’s all about taste.


1 fist Orlando’s Dessert apricots dried
50 gr. Orlando’s BIO raw almond
100 gr. cheddar cheese, diced
3 pieces mini-brie
100 gr. parmesan with hot peppers (cut into thick slices)
150 gr. mini mozzarella (balls)
100 gr. mini goat cheeses with various aromatic herbs
50 gr. raw ham
30 gr. dried raw salami
40 gr. crackers
4-5 grissini
3 tablespoons fig jam
20 gr. green olives
1 bunch of red grapes


The first step is to place all the cheeses in different corners of the plate.

Next we place the crackers, the breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto crudo and the slices of raw-dried salami. Also, be careful to put them in different corners of the plate.

Complete the plate with bunches of grapes, bowls of fig jam and green olives.

At the end, place the dried apricots and raw almonds in the empty places on the plate. If necessary, fill the gaps with extra almonds.

The cheese platter is kept cold until ready to serve.

We hope you are inspired by our idea of a cheese platter, which can replace the classic appetizers that are usually served at festive meals.

Enjoy your meal!

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