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Over 25 years experience

In 1994, Orlando company was founded from the passion of its shareholders to discover and to provide consumers with authentic flavors and savory worldwide. The investments in processing and packaging technologies, innovative market strategies and attention to needs of end users are the ingredients of success of this company which currently is the market leader in the field of dried fruits and one of the leading operators in the field of oilseeds products.


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Delicious indulgences for everyone’s taste

The distance wouldn’t have to be an obstacle to those who want to discover the authentic flavors of the world. Therefore, Orlando has proposed to meet the needs of consumers with natural, nutrient-rich, truly delicious, brought from all over most popular natural snacks.


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The efforts of all the professionals in our team contribute to one goal: to always be the first choice of consumers, to exceed their expectations when they want to eat something healthy and full of flavor.