Myth of fats in oil

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Some are avoiding them, while others love them. Here's what your doctors think about the fats contained in your favorite snacks. Most of these, these fats are healthy, good for the heart. Good almonds, Macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, Pecan nuts and peanuts (Omega-6) are found in the nutmeg (rich in omega-3 fatty acids). Some people fear

Mineral Snack Team

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And the world of crunchy snacks has its champions in vitamins and minerals. It's time to meet them. Natural snacks such as nuts and seeds are not just delicious, they are healthy too. Contains protein, good fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And because they are so dense, baking or roasting in oil, they lose little

How to combine food

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Some combinations are magical, others will give you metabolism over your head. Learn to make a difference with a simple scheme. There are a few rules that you should consider for meals as healthy as possible, and they are also easy to keep in mind: 1. Proteins do not combine with carbohydrate-rich foods. This means