And the world of crunchy snacks has its champions in vitamins and minerals. It’s time to meet them.

Natural snacks such as nuts and seeds are not just delicious, they are healthy too. Contains protein, good fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And because they are so dense, baking or roasting in oil, they lose little of their nutritional qualities, so you can enjoy their benefits no matter if you like raw or super crunchy.

An oil daily can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 30-50%, so you can count on these crunchy snacks to complete your diet with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Count on almonds for a calcium intake, iron cashew, pine nuts and pistachios for potassium. Besides these important minerals, nuts also contain proteins and vitamin E.

Enjoy your raw or baked favorites. Nutrients will be just as valuable.