Some combinations are magical, others will give you metabolism over your head. Learn to make a difference with a simple scheme.

There are a few rules that you should consider for meals as healthy as possible, and they are also easy to keep in mind:

1. Proteins do not combine with carbohydrate-rich foods.
This means that a meal that includes meat (any kind), dairy products, eggs, nuts and seeds or olives should not be combined with bread, pasta, rice, pork, potatoes, cereals.

2. Proteins can be combined with vegetables. Vegetables can be combined with high carbohydrate foods.
Practically it is a rule that strengthens the first. The combinations can be creative, the most important thing to be avoided is the one that most Romanians learned at home from the infancy. Tuna salad is healthy but not toast near. Potato salad is also healthy, but without cooked eggs next door.

3. Fruits eat separately, not dessert.
Fruits go faster through our digestive system, so combining them with other foods can be problematic. Experts recommend eating simple fruit, a few hours away from other meals or snacks.

Start applying these simple rules for a week and see what message your body will convey to you!