Biscuit Salad with Dried Plums and Almonds

Salad of biscuits with dried plums and almonds – a small reinterpretation of the original recipes / sweet recipes, which the Romanians have on their table on different occasions and holidays.

The biscuit salami is the sweet one, which certainly everyone knows because it is very popular and it is a dessert with which I have grown up. Our grandparents and mothers often made it, especially for holidays, a quick and extraordinary tasting recipe. To tell the right one, who did not even eat a biscuit salad once in his life, lived in vain.

Biscuit salad with a twist

Regarding today’s salad recipe with dried plums and almonds, you will notice that we have only used 3 ingredients in the original recipe ingredient list. The recipe that you all think you know is composed of butter, chocolate, sugar, milk, some add shit, raisins, etc. In exchange for those listed I preferred to add 3 ingredients that gave a taste to biscuits that I remember from my childhood but which is just as delicious:

  • dried plums and dates (turned into paste) to bind the whole composition
  • a few almonds to complement the crisp side, in addition to that offered by biscuits.

I’m really glad to have the idea of making a biscuit salami with dried plums and almonds, because you already know how much I like to come with small changes of known recipes, maybe make them a little bit more healthy, can bring them something new and give them a personal touch.

Let me tell you how it came out? Mega delicious. Dried plums also make this recipe.


80 gr. whole digestive biscuits
130 gr. plums without pits
100 gr. dates
40 gr. almonds crude
2 tablespoons jasmine / carob (or cocoa)
2 tablespoons of rum essence
1 peak of salt

* Almonds can be optional, I have chosen them to complement the crisp side
* If you do not want to put dates, increase the amount of dried plums


Put it hydrated for 30 minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water and 100 gr. prunes dried. This helps your kitchen robot mix and transform it into a paste.

Meanwhile, crack the biscuits. Put them in a towel or in a hermetic bag and beat them a few times with a suitor. You can also cut them by your hand. Using a latte knife almonds into smaller pieces and cut the remaining 30 gr. dry plums in smaller pieces. I preferred to have bigger pieces of dried plums in the salami and that’s why I preferred to cut a few grams and the knife.

After the 30 minutes he puts the dates in the kitchen robot and mixes it several times until it turns into a paste. Do the same with prunes. Add them in a row to make it harder for the robot to mix. If necessary, add 2-3 tablespoons of water in which they have been hydrated to help the kitchen robot turn them into a paste.

In a roomy bowl add biscuits and crushed almonds, two tablespoons of honey, rum, dry plum paste, and paste pasta. Add a pinch of salt, thoroughly mix all the ingredients, then put the resulting composition into a plastic foil and form the biscuit salami.

Leave it in the refrigerator for several hours or best overnight, then cut it into slices.

I have placed above the salami and some small almonds, but you can also put coco flakes, small nuts or even powdered sugar.

Enjoy the full salad of biscuits with dried plums and almonds!

Article by Foodiopedia

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