Orlando’s was the official sponsor of the 10th edition of the DHL Carpatian Marthon Competition, held at Grădiştei Gorge, Fundata. Orlando’s presence at the event and involvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle was appreciated by both participants and athletes alike.

At the end of the 10th edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG, nearly 20,000 euros will be donated to paralympic athletes! It is the biggest sum so far, thanks to the over 1,500 runners who took the start last Saturday at Grădiştei Gorge, Fundata, and the many sponsors who joined this edition. Thank you very much for supporting this year’s paralympic athletes and hoping to stay with them and the next edition.

Paralimpic Sports Day took place in parallel with the event and included 5 workshops attended by many of those present. Part of the ambassadors of this edition ran the Semimaraton (Dragon Bucurenci, Dr. Şerban Damian) or Ştefăte (Mihai Morar and Otniela Sandu, along with Daniel Kearvell). Chef Simona Pope has been involved in all activities dedicated to the Paralimpic Sport Day.

KIDS Race has gathered 300 children this year, many of whom discover here the joy of running in nature, but also the charity goal for which their parents ran. It is worth noting the exceptional educational aspect of this event for children, many of whom are enthusiastically involved in various activities alongside paralympic sportsmen.