Throughout September, Kaufland and Orlando’s reward you for your attention to environmental protection. For every 5 packages you bring to the automatic recycling machines in the parking lots of 50 Kaufland stores in the country, you will receive a coupon with a 20% discount for Orlando’s Peanuts from the Snack range.

The coupons can be used in all Kaufland stores until 31.10.2020, the discount being applied to the cash register, the value of the discount being deducted from the final value of the tax receipt. You can use one coupon for each product, but you can use as many coupons as you want on a tax receipt.

What you can recycle at Kaufland car parks

Container vending machines in the car parks of 50 Kaufland stores across the country accept the following types of waste:

  • PETs with a volume of up to 3L
  • Bottles and jars
  • Aluminum cans with a volume of up to 1L

Waste from the above list is only accepted if it is empty, as clean and undamaged as possible.

Discount coupons are issued for the insertion of 5 containers in the machine, if the number is smaller, the issued coupon is one without value.

Waste can be introduced into the device in any combination – PET, glass, aluminum.

Where to find the recycling machines where you receive discount coupons

București – Magazinele Kaufland Apărătorii Patriei, Basarab, Bucureștii Noi, Colentina, Energeticienilor, Ferentari, Militari, Odăi, Pallady, Pantelimon, Rahova, Tei, Tudor Vladimirescu, Vitan
Arad – Magazinele Kaufland Centru, Șega, Micălaca
Bacău – Magazinul Kaufland Aviatorilor
Baia Mare – Magazinul Kaufland Vasile Alecsandri
Botoșani – Magazinul Kaufland Calea Iașiului
Bragadiru – Magazinul Kaufland
Brăila – Magazinele Kaufland 1 Mai, Sud
Buftea – Magazinul Kaufland
Buzău – Magazinul Kaufland Frăsinet
Cluj-Napoca – Magazinul Kaufland Între Lacuri
Constanța – Magazinele Kaufland Maritimo, Obor
Dej – Magazinul Kaufland
Focșani – Magazinele Kaufland Brăilei, Obor
Galați – Magazinele Kaufland Micro 21, Micro 40
Hunedoara – Magazinul Kaufland Avram Iancu
Moreni – Magazinul Kaufland
Oradea – Magazinele Kaufland Rogerius, Nufărului
Pitești – Magazinul Kaufland Găvana
Ploiești – Magazinele Kaufland Nord, Sud, Vest
Reșița – Magazinul Kaufland Lunca Bârzavei
Satu Mare – Magazinele Kaufland Carei, Corvinilor
Sibiu – Magazinele Kaufland Șelimbăr, Strand
Slatina – Magazinul Kaufland Centrul Vechi
Târgu Mureș – Magazinele Kaufland Orașul de Jos, Tudor Vladimirescu
Timișoara – Magazinul Kaufland Dumbrăvița

For more details, visit the campaign page on the Kaufland websitehere.