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King of spices, the pepper acquired 4,000 years ago the valences of a real exchange coin, a tribute of redemption for the peoples of the world. As a matter of fact, pepper has appeared in India in the monsoon forests and is now grown mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, and Vietnam. Black pepper is one of the four varieties of pepper, along with the red, green and white peppers. Black pepper is obtained from still unfermented grains of pepper plant which are passed through hot water for both sterilization purposes and preparation for drying.

Even today, the pepper has retained its immeasurable value, with the intense-spicy flavor having the special ability to enhance the taste of other spices. Pepper offers a unique flavor to almost all dishes, especially dishes such as sauces, soups, steaks, steaks, marinades, fillings, salads, pasta or pickles.

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